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We understand the effect stress has on the skin and mind

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Josh and I launched Skin & Tonic in 2015 with a handful of savings, a credit card and a second-hand plug-in hob. I’m not gonna lie, our bootstrapped startup adventure has been pretty damn stressful at times!

But it was while I was on a very different journey 5 years earlier that I really began to understand the link between stress, skin and mind.... After I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I made a bunch of lifestyle changes that set me on the path to create Skin & Tonic: a skincare and wellbeing brand with the singular purpose of finding moments of calm within the chaos…

  • Calm Balm

    Calm within Chaos

    It Really Works!

    "Apply to wrists and temples or simply breathe in before bed for a more restful sleep."

  • Sleep Recovery Night Oil

    Late nights, deep thoughts

    Amazing Results

    "This fragrant, light weight oil reduces large pores and helps minimize fine lines while you sleep"

  • Inner Glow Face Oil

    Let your skin glow


    "With just one use I saw a significant difference. My complexion looked healthier and brighter."

  • Plump Up Hydration Serum

    Feed your skin

    Can't live without it!

    "This product is like magic - I feel years younger every time I use it!"

    Deirdre Battista

    S&T Customer

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With so much skincare in the market to choose from, it’s tough to know where to start.

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