• Be Soothed Rose Mist
  • Be Soothed Rose Mist
  • Be Soothed Rose Mist
  • Be Soothed Rose Mist
  • Be Soothed Rose Mist
  • Be Soothed Rose Mist

    Be Soothed Rose Mist


    Rose Centifolia, Aloe + Glycerin

    £18.00 / 100ml

    • About Be Soothed Rose Mist

      Inspired by our Rose Mist, this mood and skin balancing blend of organic rose, cooling aloe vera and skin-conditioning glycerin, this feel good, floral mist hydrates and restores dull skin, whilst the delicate scent soothes the senses - instantly transporting you to a bed of roses to perk up your mood.

      Use to tone after cleansing or to cool and calm when feeling hot and flustered.

    • Made with just 5 ingredients:

      Our less is more approach guarantees great results in the gentlest possible way. By paring back your routine, our selfcare solutions allow your skin to breathe and your mind to pause.

      Rose Centifolia Flower Water
      Distilled from organic rose petals, our soothing rose water is hydrating, astringent and excellent for reducing redness and inflammation.
      A powerful natural humectant, which works to draw moisture from the air to your skin.
      Aloe Vera Powder
      A powerful adaptogen. Light, hydrating and healing, aloe contains natural salicylic acid, great for the prevention and treatment of blemishes.
    • How to use

      Mist liberally whenever needed to hydrate, calm skin, soothe your mind or set make-up. Feeling hot or flushed? Spray around yourself to balance and calm your mood.  Sensual and calming, try misting over bed linen to help ease you in to restful sleep.

      Top tip - we love to keep one on our desks and an extra cool one in the fridge. Suitable for all skin types.