Just one day a week, give your skin a day off from active chemicals and a chance to recover from the weekly build-up of pollution, stress, makeup and the crazy British weather.



Start the day with a warm lemon and water drink, then get your sweat on. Once you are freshly showered it’s time to steam clean.

WHY: Designed with a magical antibacterial blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, borage and thistle Steam Clean balances your skins sebum levels while reducing breakouts. The hot cloth cleansing method gets your face truly clean, lifting the days dirt and build up. Leaving fresh, clean and beautiful skin.

HOW: Massage a small amount onto dry skin in circular motions, rinse the cloth under warm water and hold it over your face. The heat of the warm cloth releases the therapeutic plant oils whilst opening your pores, helping to draw out impurities whilst gently balancing the skin without stripping it of its natural sebum. Take your time, breathe in the refreshing minty aroma, clearing your mind. Finally remove the cleanser with your cloth, leaving your skin balanced & refreshed.


2. Detox Mask

Why not grab some friends or family to join you. Put your feet up and let the Detox Mask get to work, clarifying and decongesting the skin whilst you chill out in front of your favourite tv show.

WHY: The Detox Powdered Mask is both deeply detoxifying & clarifying. A blend of French green clay, matcha tea, lemon & basil will soothe blemishes and rejuvenate dull and tired skin.

HOW: Pop a couple of teaspoons of the powder into a small bowl and add some water and mix into a paste consistency. If you need an extra hydration boost add a teaspoon of honey or yoghurt to the mask. Once applied relax for 15 minutes while it dries, then remove the mask with a warm cloth leaving your skin bright, detoxified and glowing.


3. Beauty Oil

Prep your skin for the week ahead – and take some time for you before the craziness begins again.

WHY: Detox Beauty Oil is a powerful antibacterial blend of watermelon seed oil, black cumin oil, jojoba wax, bergamot & petitgrain to reduce bacterial growth, balance sebum levels and control breakouts. Effective on oily, acne prone skin.

HOW: Simply apply a couple of drops either on its own or as a detoxifying boost to your night cream. Press and massage into clean skin before bed. Give it a few minutes to sink in. It will revive tired, dull skin and leave it feeling balanced and healthy. The light bergamot citrus scent will remind of summer.