Sarah's Story

When life hands you lemons, make a Skin & Tonic…

Hey there, I’m Sarah...

I founded Skin & Tonic in 2015 with my boyfriend, trusted side-kick and partner-in-crime Josh. The first product we ever made together was our best selling Calm Balm (in our kitchen, blu-tacking labels while desperately trying not to swear at each other!) I tell you this now because it was through my very own need to find Calm within the Chaos that I set off on a journey to manage the effect of stress on my skin and mind and ultimately inspire the creation of Skin & Tonic.

In 2010 I lost my Dad suddenly and, not long afterwards, I was diagnosed with a disease called endometriosis. My skin flared and my wellbeing suffered as I struggled to juggle the debilitating symptoms with a career in TV and regular surgery.

After trying heaps of (apparently) natural products, I got tired of questionable ingredients and false promises. As the intrinsic link between stress, hormones and skin became clear, I soon realised that something had to give…

I quit my job (to Josh’s initial horror!) and retrained in aromatherapy, skincare formulation and essential oil science. Looking back, it was one the best decisions I’ve ever made: By only using fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients in my formulations, my skin transformed and my mind calmed as I slowed myself down and focussed in on selfcare.

Fast forward a few years and, against all medical logic and despite the pressure and stress of those early days, Josh and I became parents to our beautiful daughter Thea.

Don’t get me wrong, of course, life continues to throw up super challenging moments (stand up anyone who has lived with a teething toddler!) But now, at the very heart of what we do, is a deep passion to create selfcare solutions that bring calm to those moments when life feels overwhelming. Whether you’re struggling with moody, irritable skin or you’re suffering with sleepless nights and crazy hormones: we feel you and we’re here to help.

Love, Sarah x