How “organic” are your products?

Pretty much anyone can call their products ‘organic’ with just a single organic ingredient. We endeavour to only source organic ingredients that have been certified organic by the Soil Association. Across our entire range, there are only two ingredients that are non-organic: the French Pink Clay and the Probiotic Yoghurt Powder used in our Gentle Scrub. We hope to have our own official organic certification from the Soil Association soon.

Do you test on animals?

We are 100% cruelty-free. How could we not be? Because animals are everything.

Do you have any Vegan products?

Our Calm Balm, Brit Beauty Oil and Beard Oil are all Vegan.

How long will my products last?

All our products will last 12 months from opening except the Brit Beauty Oil which will last for 6 months – please see individual product labels for more information. Our products do not contain water so they will not degrade rapidly. However, please try and store them in a cool, dry place to protect the lovely natural ingredients inside.

My products have changed consistency, what’s going on?

We formulate all our products here in London where it’s nice and cool. There is a small chance that when shipped abroad to hotter countries the consistency may change in the heat. If your cream or balm melts a little, pop it in the fridge for 30 minutes and it will become hard again and ready for use.

When will my products be shipped?

All our products are made by hand in our workshop in Hackney, East London. We endeavour to create and ship your products within 3 working days. However, as we are a small start-up, there may be occasional small delays if we’re handling large orders. But rest assured, we will do everything in our power to get your products to you bang on time.

How are my products being shipped?

We ship using Royal Mail with flat rates of £3.30 per order for UK 1st class delivery (2-3 days), £7.25 per order for UK special delivery (1-2 days) and £9.50 per order for International 1st class delivery. However, if you spend £50 or more the shipping is on us (UK shipping addresses only).

How will I know once you’ve sent my products?

We’ll send you an order confirmation email once your order and payment has been received. We’ll then send you a second email confirming completion and shipment of your order. If, for some reason, you have a problem receiving these emails, please contact us straight away at

What do I do if my products haven’t arrived and I’ve been waiting for ages?

We’re so sorry! We’ll do our very best to locate your products and if we can’t find them, we’ll reship them immediately with a special something to make up for our error. If, for some reason, your order hasn’t arrived please contact us at

I’ve received my products and I’m not happy with them. What can I do?

We’re so sorry to hear you’re not happy with your products. We’ll do everything in our power to make it up to you so please email us straight away at

I still have so many questions to ask / feedback to give. What do I do?

We love nothing more than hearing from our incredible customers. If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback please email us at and we’ll do our absolute best to come back to you within 2 working days.